Let the earth speak for me.


Marikay Peter Witlock

Plein Air 17
An art making collaboration

Illinois State Museum, Lockport
June 24-September 17, 2017
Featured Artist July 29, 10-5

On being a landscape painter

I am an outdoor person. I need to feel the wind on my face and the earth under my feet. I am an artist. The earth is my language as I recount my days. The act of drawing and painting allows me to re-view, to re-create a moment, a day, a life or a breeze. A walk in the woods records both time and place. Moonlight sparkles with memories and smiles. The edge of the woods is filled with retrospection. I am a landscape painter.

Pastel painting

Concerning method

I sometimes work in the studio and other times work in the outdoors. For studio work I often rely on the sketches and photographs I’ve created while walking in nature. To create images of fleeting moments like sunset, moonrise or fog I work solely from memories of landforms, grasses and trees, atmosphere, light and skies. In the studio I work at a drawing table and move to the easel. When working on site, I may sit in the meadow with artwork on my lap, or I may stand at the edge of a trail. Wherever I work, I move into my drawing, I step back, I reengage. I am a participant in the evolution from empty paper to a recording of light, space, memory or mood.