Sacred Spaces #11

Many of these graphite drawings are available either in original or limited edition reproductions. 

Graphite Drawings
Sacred Spaces, an Artist’s Statement:

Let the earth speak for me.
Let the earth tell my stories, express my sense of awe,
my sense of loss, my sense of rejoicing.
The earth holds my memories and dreams.
         ©2000 Marikay Peter Witlock

Figure, architecture and nature interweave to capture an emotion, articulate a memory or capture a dream in the drawing cycle Sacred Spaces. Each element is selected, each detail deliberated, to create the narrative expressed in each drawing. Some common elements include the column, used as an iconographic tool to convey a place of significance, a place of gathering, or a link to the spiritual. Gesture, clothing, and attitude of the figures are linked with the environment to further the artistic and conceptual expression of each drawing. These figures are all real people, kind enough to allow their likeness to be integrated into these artworks. The drawings are personal, yet often universal in interpretation. I hope they will inspire thoughtful conversation.